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Thinking about how we act on-line

The internet is still quite a new thing and it is easy to think of much of the internet in the way that we think of traditional media but the intenet is a very different beast and things that we put on-line tend to stay on-line.

It is likely in the next few years that more and more of our learning will have in virtual space or via virtual networks. Many university staff and more students have an on-line presence, known as a digital footprint. So as we move into this, "strange new world that has such creatures in it" we need to be thinking about the the way we behave and consider the "rules" of on-line behaviour or Netiquette, if we get this wrong the consequences can be very serious:

Generation 2022 - (click on the picture for a bigger version)
The "pre-digitals" The "on-digitals" The "willbe-digitals"
How strange is your on-line life?
Some core areas to consider - watch any videos BEFORE using with children to check age appropriate 
Digital Naïvety - What risks are there on-line? Cyberbullying Information Protection Digital Footprint
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Support materials and further reading
  • An A to Z of e-safety - go to page
  • Beyond e-safety net - knowing the risks - download
  • Byron Report - link
  • CBBC staysafe - link
  • Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre - link
  • ChildNet - link and their sections for trainee teachers - secondary and primary
  • E-Safety and Trainee Teachers an introduction booklet - download
  • Kidsmart - link
  • E-safety: Developing whole-school policies to support effective practice - download
  • Think U Know (resources) - link
  • UK Council for Child Internet Safety - link
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