Multiple Intelligences
and types of activities

Linguistic / Verbal

essays, stories, poems, letters, diaries, crosswords, word puzzles, quizzes, debates, speeches, research, audio-tape, recording, podcasts, video, film, interviews, internet, storyboards, magazines, newspapers, reports, questionnaires.

Logical / Mathematical

puzzles, graphs, charts, diagrams, inventing, games, flowcharts, mindmaps, venn and carol diagrams, plans, maps, collections, designs, inventions, logic, categorising, ordering.

Visual / Spatial

charts, maps, diagrams, pictures, television and film, cartoons, comic strips, story-boards, posters, photographs, images, adverts, illustrations, sculptures, art, collages, presentations, film-making, web-pages.


songs, lyrics, rap, dance, drama, compositions, audio-tape, recording, film-making, radio, performance.

Movement / Kinaesthetic

drama, role-play, hot-seating, dance, construction, model-making, interviews, field trips, learning outside the classroom, games, re-enactments, modeling, craft

Interpersonal / Social

debates, discussions, brainstorms, group work, demonstrations, presenting, interviews, drama, role-play, puppetry, speeches, dance

Intrapersonal / Personal

projects, research, collections, categorising, ordering, diaries, poems, stories, puzzles.

Naturalistic / Spiritual

debates, poetry, art, artifacts, community projects, charities, exhibitions, surveys, role-play, empathy


field trips, collections, nature, experiment, exhibitions, investigations, projects, ordering, categorising, inventions, constructions.

Mechanical / Technical

construction, making, models, powerpoint, designing, programming, web-pages, computers, filming, film-making, animation.