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Accompaning children on their faith journey - Thinking as, living as being a lifelong disciple

ECCE Workshop Proposals

We are looking for volunteers to run workshops based around the following daily themes.

Main Conference Theme for ECCE 2016

Accompanying children on their faith journey and enabling and equipping them as disciples


  • Theme for the day: Children Thinking as a Disciple (theory and theology around this)
  • Workshops: Based around the theme for the day
  • Ideas: Theory and Theology Spirituality of the Child, Faith Development


Theme for the day: Children Living as a Lifelong Disciple


  • Theme for the day: Children Being a Disciple - Being Engaged in Society and the World
  • Workshops themes: Based around the themes for the day on either Wednesday or Thursday
  • Ideas: Vocation, Mission with Children, Children and worship, Participation, Prayer with children, Prayer Spaces for Children
Workshop Facilitator 10th May (Tuesday) Workshops 12th May (Thursday) Workshops
1. Revd. Dr Howard Worsley 'The Child as Theologian' (A discussion on how to work with children as we sit around the Bible)  
If you are interested in running a workshop please email your proposal to  with the title and a description of the content.

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