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Welcome to the Secondary English Page

Welcome to the pre-course pages for the English PGCE, below are some resources to get you started before September.

Holly Smith - PGCE English Method Leader

Subject Knowledge

It is important that you continue to develop your subject knowledge. I suggest you concentrate on areas you are less familiar with. Clearly I donít expect you to access everything but here is a range of sources:

Clarke, S. et al. (2009) The Complete Guide to Becoming an English Teacher, Paul Chapman Publishing

This essential companion for aspiring secondary English teachers has been extensively reworked to help students meet the very latest professional and academic standards, while also equipping them with the knowledge and skills they will need for the beginning of their teaching career.

Davison, J. and Dowson, J.  (2009) Learning to Teach English in the Secondary School, Routledge.

The second edition of this bestselling textbook has been thoroughly updated in the light of new legislation to include fresh chapters on the National Literacy Strategy, media and ICT. Combining theory and practice, Jon and Jane present a broad introduction to the opportunities and challenges of teaching English in secondary school classrooms. They provide a range of tasks, teaching ideas and further reading to explore issues and ideas, and suggest approaches to teaching crucial areas such as: reading, writing, speaking and listening, grammar, poetry and language study and Shakespeare.

Davison, J.Daly, C. &  Moss,J. (2010) Debates in English Teaching Routledge

Debates in English Teaching explores the major issues all English teachers encounter in their daily professional lives. It engages with established and contemporary debates, promotes and supports critical reflection and aims to stimulate both novice and experienced teachers to reach informed judgements and argue their point of view with deeper theoretical knowledge and understanding.

Dymoke,S. (2009) Teaching English Texts 11-18, Routledge

Teaching Texts 11-18 is a book for trainee English teachers, PGCE and GTTP trainees, and those who have recently qualified. This textbook will offer an integrated text-focused approach to teaching the subject of English across the 11'18 age and ability range. The term 'text' will embrace a variety of texts that are at the heart of the English curriculum and debates about literacy, including scripts and spoken texts, poetry, prose fiction, literary non-fiction, media and multi-modal texts.

Stevens, D. and McGuinn, N. (2004) The Art of Teaching Secondary English, Routledge/Falmer

At a time when school-based English is in danger of becoming reductive and mechanistic, the authors of this book reconsider the fundamental philosophy of English teaching, evaluate current practice and offer a practical framework for new approaches to teaching this important subject. The authors draw on recent initiatives in the area, including the National Literacy Strategy, but also offer wider perspectives on the formation and development of both English and English teaching in a modern society. This will help teachers develop both a personal philosophy and a critical perspective on the various traditions of English teaching as well as on current initiatives and reforms.

Naylor, A. and Wood, A. (2011) Reading and responding to poetry in the secondary classroom, Routledge/Falmer

Teaching Poetry is an indispensible source of guidance, confidence and ideas for all those new to the secondary English classroom. Written by experienced teachers who have worked with the many secondary pupils who Ďdonít getí poetry, this friendly guide will help you support pupils as they access, understand, discuss and enjoy classic and contemporary poetry.

Some useful websites

Below are some useful websites to look at before the course begins. We will explore how these fit into teaching and learning during the course.

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