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Welcome to the Secondary Geography Page

Welcome to the pre-course page for the Geography PGCE. Here are some resources and links to help get you ready for the start of the course in September. In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact me at

Justin Woolliscroft - PGCE Geography Method Leader

Teaching Geography

You have chosen to train to become a teacher. The texts below give you an opportunity to reflect and formulate your own views about what it is to become a teacher of geography:

Lambert, D & Balderstone, D. (2010) Learning to Teach Geography in the Secondary School (2nd Edition); Routledge

This is a highly respected and practically-based text that helps you to acquire a deeper understanding of what it is to become a geography teacher.

Lambert, D. & Jones, M. (Ed.) (2013) Debates in Geography Education: Routledge

This is an excellent newly published text that encourages you to engage with, and reflect upon, the key issues, concepts and debates that face geography teachers.

Rawding, C. (2013) Effective Innovation in the Secondary Geography Curriculum: Routledge

This text, published in June 2013, encourages reflection about what constitutes relevant geography, and how this can be translated into meaningful and engaging lessons for students in school.

Subject Knowledge

It is important that you continue to explore and develop your subject knowledge. I suggest you concentrate on areas you are less familiar with. The list below is not exhaustive, but should help to refresh those aspects with which you may feel less confident.

Waugh, D. (2009) Geography: An Integrated Approach (4th Edition): Nelson Thornes

The fourth edition of this popular A Level text provides a good general reference point for those embarking on career as a geography teacher.

The Geographical Assocation

The Geographical Association (GA) is your subject association with the charitable objective of furthering geographical knowledge and understanding through education. They support teachers, students, tutors and academics at all levels of education through journals, publications, training events, projects, and websites and by lobbying government about the importance of geography. It is highly recommended that you become a member – concessionary rates are available for PGCE students. See the GA’s website for further details at

Useful Weblinks

Below are some useful websites to look at before the course begins. We will explore how these fit into teaching and learning during the course. Links to current GCSE Geography specifications can be found here:

The BBC also offers many pages of geography-related resources to support teachers

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