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Welcome to the Secondary History Page

I have included here a range of material to get you to begin to engage with the issues that underpin the PGCE History programme at Hull.
Dr Stewart Bennett - PGCE History Method Leader

Subject Knowledge

It is important that you continue to develop your subject knowledge. I suggest you concentrate on areas you are less familiar with. Clearly I don’t expect you to access everything but here is a range of sources:

Lee, C. This Sceptered Isle 55BC – 1901 (1997) [see also the BBC website]
Schama, S. A History of Britain (in three volumes) by BBC. These are also produced as DVD’s.
The BBC have archived Melvin Bragg’s ‘In Out Time’ series. This has a very large number of excellent discussions about numerous historical topics. Each one lasts for about forty-five minutes.
The BBC also produces History Magazine Podcasts which are short discussions of articles contained in the magazine and can be accessed at this link


You can dip into these but I have identified some specific chapters to start with:
Davies, I (ed) (2011) Debates in History Teaching particularly chapters 7 - 12
Hayden, T et al (2008) Learning to Teach History in the Secondary School 3rd Edition particularly chapters 1,2 and 3
Phillips, I. (2008) Teaching History
Teaching History - the journal of the Historical Assoication - for more details see this link

History in the curriculum debate

You are probably aware that there is currently a debate raging about the future of school History. At the core of this debate is the importance placed on Knowledge or Skills. Much of the debate is taking place in the national press, but have a look at these links for additional background information

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