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Welcome to the Secondary Langauges Page

Welcome to the pre-course pages for the languages PGCE, below are some resources to get you started before September.

Shelly Hindley - PGCE Languages Method Leader

Subject Knowledge

It is important that you continue to develop your subject knowledge. I suggest you concentrate on areas you are less familiar with. Clearly I donít expect you to access everything but here is a range of sources:

Swarbrick, A (2002) Teaching Modern Foreign Languages in Secondary Schools: A Reader; Routledge, London

This book charts developments during the past few decades of reform in MFL teaching, considering the origins of these reforms and analysing their impact on the classroom.

Pachler, N et al (2008) Learning to Teach Modern Languages in the Secondary School: A Companion to School Experience (4th Edition); Routledge, London.

This has established itself as the leading textbook for student teachers of modern foreign languages in the UK. The practical focus of the book is underpinned by a theoretical perspective, and students are encouraged to develop a personal approach to modern foreign language teaching.

Field, K (ed) (2000) Issues in Modern Foreign Languages Teaching, Routledge, London

This book draws together a range of issues in the teaching of modern foreign languages into one volume that will encourage students and newly qualified teachers to consider and reflect on the issues so that they can make a reasoned and informed judgement about their teaching of MFL.

  • The Changing Landscape of Languages - Go to report
  • Modern languages: achievement and challenge 2007-2010 - Go to report

Some video to watch

Rebecca Wills - from good to outstanding

Secondary MFL teacher Rebecca Wills tries to go from good to outstanding. Beal High School in Essex has rated secondary MFL teacher Rebecca Wills' lessons as but has said there could be room for improvement. Top school inspector Clare Gillies assesses Rebecca during a Year 8 German lesson, pointing out key areas where she thinks she could improve. Rebecca then gets some CPD advice from voice and communications coach Ulrika Schulte-Baukloh and AST Pauline Bullen. Rebecca has three weeks back in the classroom to turn their advice into action before the inspector returns to observe a second lesson and deliver her final verdict. Will Rebecca's lesson be considered outstanding?

Rebecca Wills - from good to outstanding - Revisited

Inspector Clare revisits an MFL teacher to see how she has developed over the last 2 years of teaching.

A few websites to be aware of

CILT: The National Centre for Languages -
The Association for Language Learning is the UK's major subject association for teachers of foreign langauges -
  CILT: The National Centre for Languages -
Any questions about the please course contact Ms Shelly Hindley on
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