Beginning Teaching - the first year(s)
Preparation for the teaching year
Finding jobs

Where do I begin to look?

Applying for jobs
Preparing for the interview
Video Support Materials
Selling Yourself: Discover the advice that headteachers and careers experts offer for what to do when facing an interview panel go to video
Managing Nerves: Gain expert advice on overcoming interview nerves and presenting personal and professional skills in a confident manner.
Answering Questions: Learn professional and personal development techniques with this easy-to-use advice on answering interview questions with confidence, for primary and secondary teachers.
Teaching an Observed Lesson: Develop the skills needed to teach a successful observed interview lesson, with advice from a panel of experts in this careers video for primary and secondary teachers and NQTs go to video
Further Support Materials
  • A teachers' TV programme on job hunting - link
  • What to put into your personal statement - link
  • ATL's advice, "Ready, steady, teach! Our pocket guide for new teachers" - download
  • The TES wesbite for new teachers - link
  • The Induction process - see section on induction
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