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These are a few of my favourite Apps ;-)


The iPhone has a number of applications "built-in" that you may find useful as part of the project. Ones to explore are:

However there are, at the time of writing, over 350,000 applications on the Apps store. There are many that are free and many that are for sale from £0.59 upwards. Below are a few that you might like to load onto your iPhone/iPad. Before you do this you will need to have loaded iTunes onto your main computer and set up an account at the Apps Store.

Spend some time looking around and searching on the Apps store for apps that you might want to try, many apps have a "Lite" version to try for free before you commit to the buy.

There are lots of ways to access the apps store, you can do it via your iPhone of course but also via iTunes on your desktop. Trying putting religion into the search and seeing what tunes, apps and podcasts come up - there are lots!

So, some free apps
With Skype on your phone you can call and IM anyone else on Skype for free. You can also call landlines and IM people anywhere in the world for a great rate using Skype Out. This free app brings you the full text of all forty plays, as well as the Bard’s poems and sonnets. Customize your reading experience by picking the font colour and font size. Opt to scroll or tap your way down the page. You can even rotate iPhone or iPod touch and read Shakespeare in landscape mode. This is a free book reader. There are over 40,000 books available on the web links.  

This is the iPhone app to access the Flickr world of images. You can search, sacn and look at images via the application and then you can save them to your camera roll or mail them to yourself or someone else.

There are so many excellent images on Flickr that this is an easy way to find great stuff.

A simple "to do" list which allows you to make a list and add notes and then check off the items when they are done. This offers definitions and synonyms and antonyms from and No internet connection is needed for the definitions though one is needed for the pronunciation function.  
and some paid ones
Mental Case Flashcards
Philosophy the essential collection
Camera Plus Pro

Create flashcards add text, record audio, and insert images from your photo library, or take a photo with the built-in camera.

Mental Case also allows you to download flash cards from the World's largest online repository of study cards, Choose from over 21 million flashcards, on topics ranging from Fine Art to GRE exams

This is a collection of essential philosophical treatises and essays including:

  • Discourses, Descartes
  • Leviathan, Hobbes
  • Human Understanding, Hume
  • Dialogues, Hume
  • Human Understanding, Locke
  • Treatise on government, Locke
  • Utilitarianism, Mill
  • Good and Evil, Nietzsche
  • Republic, Plato
This allows you to link up your iPhone to your computer via a wireless collection and then use this to view documents in text, PDF, image and spreadsheet formats.

Enhances the features of the camera on the iPhone allowing a host of extra functions such as zoom, touch focus, multiple shots, grid etc...

A real enhancement to the provided camera.



iFiles is a file manager, viewer, editor, and more. You can transfer files from your computer, carry them around with you, and share them with your friends.

  • Wi-Fi Drive
  • Share
  • Email
  • View - From PDF, Word, iWorks documents to Pictures and more.
  • Play
  • Manage Files
  • Edit Text
  • Voice Recorder
  • Configure
  • Create
  • Search
  • Zip Support