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These tutorials are free for you to use and to distribute. If you use these in a public forum please make sure that you credit Paul Hopkins and that the expression ©Paul Hopkins appears on the slides. Any questions / queries please mail me

Using bookmark: This tutorial shows you how to bookmark a web address, organise your bookmarks and then export those bookmarks from the machine you are using to a key drive or network drive so that they can be accessed by a wider audience.
Adding a voice narration to Powerpoint: This tutorial shows you how you can add a voice narration to Powerpoint and use this in a variety of ways to help students to show acheivement. This is especailly useful for students who are find writing difficult but are able to express themselves orally.
Adding Action Buttons: Powerpoint has some pseudo programming tools that allow you to add action buttons and turn your linear presentation into a morme multi-active, multi-path narrative or resource.
Search using Boolean operations: When searching on Google or other search engines it is important to understand how to maximise your search potential. This tutorial offers you advise of using Boolean operations - AND, OR, NOT and string searches, to make your searching more effective.

Using images: This tutorial will show you how to find images on-line and how to use your own images, or purchased image sets for use in the development of worksheets, use in digital storytelling and how to import images into a presentation or publishing package.

  • coming soon
Using Digital Video: This tutorial will explore how to use a digital video camera and some ideas on using this in the classroom. It will look at using both iMovie and Windows Media Player to edit video.
  • coming soon