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Links to image resources

Here are some useful websites/resource for finding images on-line.

  • Botanical Society of America: A great collection of biological images - link

  • British Library : From the beautiful to the bizarre, collections from the BL - link

  • Cepolina: A collection of photos organised by key word - link

  • Creative Commons [Image]: Working to provide content for non-prifit groups - link

  • Flickr: a photo-sharing website which has a huge range of images of varying quality - link

  • Google Earth : A software application that allows you to 'see' anywhere - link

  • Google Images: A great bank of images but be aware of copyright limitations - link

  • LTS Scotland : Collections from Learning and Teaching Scotland - link

  • Multimap: Maps from all over the world - link

  • NASA image gallery: Images of the very big - link

  • The NASA earth observatory: Images of the earth from space - link

  • National Geographic PhotoGallery: Great images of the natural world - link

  • National Portrait Gallery: Collections of the most famous Britains - link

  • The NEN images gallery: Images from the National Education Netowrk - link

  • The New York Public Library: Image collection from the NYPL - link

  • Scanning Electron Microscope: Images of the very small - link

  • Strathclyde University's RS department: images for RE - link

  • Wikipedia Commons [Images]: Part of the GNU project for sharing resource - link

  • World Digital Library: A growing collection of historial items - link