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To dream the dream
Graduation 2020: A speech about the imagined changes from 2007 (reception children) when they graduate in 2010 In the next 8 seconds: Changes that are happening in the world already and the ways in which learning has to change to meet them
What If ... : How people have resisted change over the last 300 years and why we should listen to the students and not the elders.
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2008 Edit [04:13]
Pay Attention: This video explores the ways in which our students will be learning but that we are not currently teaching.
The Machine is Us/ing Us: This explores the developments in the ways in which the web handles text and information and how form, content and ideas are linked
Digital Kids @ Analogue Schools: A short video from young people at college in the US and finding that the ways they are taught is not the ways they choose to learn
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Introducing the Book: A amusing poke at technical support and reactions to new things
At a glance: Considering how people will learn in the next generation of learning.
Web 2.0 is here: There are already the tools in place, it's just time we were using them in education.
42: Using Web 2.0 technologies to improve writing skills
Cell Phones in Learning: Thinking about how this tool can be used
Wondering about Web 2.0: How will it all change with this way of working?
Handheld Learning: A range of programmes about the use of handhelds in education.
Shift Happens ... 2008 ... Updated with statistics through 2008, startling increases in web and international stats
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