Beginning Teaching - the first year(s)
1:1 Support and Ongoing Study
Support for the Induction Year - Difficulties During Induction - Journal Clubs - The MA in Pedagogy and Practice
Summer preparation for the new job

For support on applying for jobs see this section.

So the course is over and you are thinking ahead to the new job in September what kinds of things should be doing over the summer?

Support for the induction year

The University of Hull Teacher Education Department offers a range of support targetted at your needs in the first year, see the links below for more support.

If you need support then please contact us at

Difficulties during induction

We have been asked by a number of NQTs and schools what the best practice is when things dont go quite to plan during your induction.

We have compiled this summary of the main points in the DfE Statutory Guidance on Induction for Newly Qualified Teachers (England) to give you some tips and support if you are feeling stuck, you can also download the full document if you want.

We recommend that you promptly:

  • Familiarise yourself with the points within the summary (then read the whole DfE document if possible)
  • Discuss any concerns with your Induction Mentor, Employer (e.g. Head teacher)
  • If necessary, contact the named contact in your Appropriate Body (ask your Head teacher if unsure)
  • In certain circumstances, you may wish to contact your union

Please note that according to the guidlines the assessments generated should ... "not be shared directly with anyone not directly involved in the induction process" (p21). In other words, we are only able to make you aware of the options available to you. We cannot advise you. However, you are always welcome to take advantage of all the support available via the website and you are welcome to contact us to talk over things in confidence.

We wish you well in resolving your difficulties and hope the support we offer will be of help.

For more information please contact us at

Journal Clubs

A growing movement in education is looking at linking educational research with practice in the classroom and exploring the idea of "what works" - we are interested in setting up a group(s) in the Humber area this would:

  • give an opportunity to meet and discuss how academic research can impact on classroom practice
  • think about our own practice and how this can inform the research agenda
  • think about how we could carry out research in our own classrooms

If you are interested in being involved please contact Paul Hopkins by mailing

The MA(PP) - Masters in Pedagogy and Practice

We are developing a new Masters Degree which will is targeted at NQTs who already have 60 L7 credits. We would expect you to be averaging 60 in your assignment to cope with the work.

This new masters will be a "professional" masters rooted in developing your own practice and that of your institution using evidence based research.

This will allow you to develop a project in your institution in an area that you have a passion for and we will provide the research methodology and pedagogic frameworks to support your project giving it the academic rigour, reliability and validity. We will encourage you to share your research though publications and conferences.

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