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The revolution of the last year or so on-line has 'video on demand' the opportunity to add video casts of everyday life has been a mad explosion of stuff. This is an example of Web 2.0 technologies ones that are user driven (pull) rather than provider driver (push). Below are just just interesting clips that might be useful for RE teachers - but you need to explore for yourself. For more ideas you need to come on a course.
Some Video sites where you can find interesting video:
The place to start. Do look for the RE teachers group on the education groups and search for fun things - there are a few below. A great site for more serious video, search under religion or religious education. A very Christian site but worth an explore for videos of interest.
A collection of vox-pops on many subjects of interest to the RE teacher The Learning Zone provides rich audio-visual material for use in primary and secondary schools and colleges This is a developing project from BBC Cymry (Wales) worth keeping an eye one.
My Space has a lot of user content loaded up - worth a rummage under specific words A collection of video and TV materials not always easy to find stuff but some useful materials if you dig. Looks across a number of channels for support materials use RE search terms.
and a few clips to get you started:
This is a novel take on the Good Samaritan. The tale is told through the eyes of private investigator Aachan Solvitz (pronounced I can solve it!) as he investigate the tale of the missing body. Who was the victim? Who was the mysterious 'kind stranger'? Who walked by on the other side? This is a more controversial video clip which uses the technique of the infomercial to 'sell' buddhism. Whilst there is a high degree of irony and satire the clip gives an interesting approach to how you might present a religion in 3 mins. How would you 'sell' a religious or a philosophical idea in an infomercial? This is a parody of "Baby got Back" and is a piece of evange-lism from Dan Smith who is a storyteller-preacher. He strives to model the teaching style of Jesus, who was a master storyteller. This clip talks about the Bible and why he believes this is such an important book.
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This is a short introduction to the Pancha Devata Puja. It is a preview of the Puja Learning tools and an explanation of why Puja is important and how it links into understanding in Hinduism. This is another parody written by a practicing Jew in which he sings about Hannukah. Whilst this might again be quite challenging this does raise some interesting viewpoints including "If Jews are the chosen people, what makes us the exception?" Zakat, the fourth pillar of Islam. An explanation of this part of the Islamic faith. A simply audio description which covers the rules of Zakat. Visually uninteresting but well explained.
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On the deck of the Santa Cruz in the Galapagos Islands, Richard Dawkins takes a minute to talk about Darwin and his historic visit to the Galapagos Islands. A few things that atheism could have prevented. A personal viewpoint about the 'deaths that have been caused in the name of religion' This is an interesting starting point on the nature of religious belief into action. A personal viewpoint with an interview with a Catholic feminist on questions about the place of women in the Catholic church. This is one of many clips that can be found on You Tube that are personal viewpoints - this nature of authentic voice is a valuable part of You tube.
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Why do atheists care about religion? This is one response to this question looking at how religion in the USA is affected by the beliefs of Christians and his viewpoint on why the lives of all are affected by the historic nature of Christianity. How would you respond to this? The atheist's nightmare the banana: A tongue in cheek look at the idea of the world being adapted for humanity. This is a simplistic but introduction to the anthropic principle. An amusing parody for those feeling a bit frightened of the new technologies.
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