Embedding ICT in the secondary RE classroom: Making our own resources

Looking at PowerPoint as a vehicle for developing a range of quality resources for teaching and learning in RE.

Sample Powerpoints

These are some PowerPoints for you to evaluate:

  • When Powerpoints go bad - what NOT to do - download
Some Powerpoint examplars

A couple examples of WebQuests

  • Worship in Islam: A webquest based around Muslim worship - download
  • Christian Aid and Charity: A webquest based on Christian Aid - link
  • All about WebQuests: The mother of all WebQuest sites - link
  • A WebQuest search : A place to search for various WebQuests - link
Tutorial Powerpoints
Adding AV to Powerpoint

This is a PDF tutorial on how to add sounds and videos to PowerPoint. This guide gives you the practical tips on how to add sounds and video and in what formats the video and sounds must be in for this to be successful - Download Guide