Embedding ICT in the secondary RE classroom: Finding and evaluating resources on-line

How do we find quality resource on-line and how do we, and our students, make decisions about this quality?

Resourcing RE

This powerpoint looks at finding resource for use in RE on-line

Tutorial Powerpoint
  • Bookmarking / Favourites - download (60kb)
  • Finding resources in Google - using Boolean operations - download (100kB)
Evaluating a website

These are some key questions when evaluating a website.

  • Click here to download the document
  • Click here for a proforma for you to complete when evaluating websites
A few websites to begin with
Atheism central - Go Martin Luther King - Go
Blessing on the net - Go RE Jesus - Go
Creation and Evolution - Go RE Stuff - Go
Ethics for Schools - Go RS Revision - Go
Islamicity - Go The Western Wall Cam - Go

Look at the links: