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Where in the world wide web? It can be very difficult to even think where to begin when looking for RE on-line so to start you off here are 10 of my favourites. The key thing is being able to evaluate why using website such as these make for better teaching or learning in RE. If you want to explore this in more details then visit the courses pages.
CLEO for Foundation through KS4 - link - A great range of resource for the RE classroo for foundation and for Key Stage 1. This is part of the Cumbria and Lancashire Education offering for the regional broadband and the only one to take RE seriously. An excellent resource for primary RE teachers.
RE Online - link - This is an important website for RE. The RE dedicated search engine is a key place for students to begin when looking at the web. As well as this there are links to content geared to all key stages and a growing amount of original content on the site itself.
The Brick Testament - link - this is a great website full of stories of the bible told in word and lego pictures. A wonderful resource for inspiring biblical storytelling and also encouraging students to get to grips with digital storytelling.
The Big Myth - link - This is a wonderful combination of digital storytelling and graphic animation. It combines the artwork of the culture with the creation narrative and the pantheon of dieties. The website offers 9 of the 25 creation narratives with the others being availble via a very reasonably priced CD-ROM.
The children talking database - link - This is one of the rare truly interactive resources for RE. It gives access to the authentic voices of thousands of young people across hte UK and also allows your students to add their voices to the database. An excellent way to get young people to consider the 'learning from' attainment target.
Video Hanukah - link - This is a love it or hate it resource but it shows what can be done with a little imagination and some skill with İFlash. Have a look and what you think. Would you use this as a lesson starter? As a stimulating or prevocatice resoruce? Or would you run a mile from this usefull trash?
You Tube - link - This is a muddled but huge database of people's thoughts about life the universe and everything. With some effort great pieces about religious thought can be found and used with great effect in the classroom. Have a look at the videolinks page of this site for some examples.
Religion Facts - link - This is an excellent site 'about religions' covering all the religions you've ever heard of and, I would guess, a number that you haven't! From Aladura to Zoroastrianism the site gives clear explanations and a wide range of information and links.
Ethics for schools - link - This comprehensive site has a great range of resources if you are teaching, as nearly all schools do, ethics for GCSE (and indeed AS/A2). The site has information on topics from Abortion to Transplant Surgery and though it comes from the Christian Medical Foundation it has a good liberal critical approach.