Beginning Teaching - the first year(s)
Continuing Professional Development
NQT conferences
We have now run a series of very successful NQT conferences at the university
"To Hull and Back" "They told me to go to Hull" "Hull is where the heart is" "Hull is where the culture is"
The first NQT conference
Jan 30th, 2014
The second NQT conference
Jan 29th, 2015
The third NQT conference
Jan 29th, 2016
The fourth NQT conference
Feb 10th, 2017
Support materials from the day
and other support materials
Support materials from the day
and other support materials
Support materials from the day
and other support materials
Wider Conferences

We are looking to developing a number of other conferences getting key speakers and others to give conference on a range of topical and devleoping issues. Let us know what kinds of things you might be interested in.

Working with a range of partners and utlising the range of expertise at the university we we will offer a range of courses targetted according to the needs tof NQTs and RQTs helping to hone and develop the skills vital in the first years of teaching. These could include:
  • Developing children's writing
  • Developing investigations in science
  • Core idea in teaching problem solving in maths
  • Using research evidence in teaching and learning
  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
  • Subject Knowledge enhancement in foundation subjects
  • Developing formative assessment practice
  • Using literature to develop teaching and learning across subjects
  • Research based behaviour management strategies
Masters in Pedagogy and Practice

We are developing a new Masters Degree which will is targeted at NQTs who already have 60 L7 credits. We would expect you to be averaging 60 in your assignment to cope with the work.

This new masters will be a "professional" masters rooted in developing your own practice and that of your institution using evidence based research.

This will allow you to develop a project in your institution in an area that you have a passion for and we will provide the research methodology and pedagogic frameworks to support your project giving it the academic rigour, reliability and validity. We will encourage you to share your research though publications and conferences.

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