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Welcome to the project space for the iPad project this is both:

  • a teaching and learning project: using iPads if you are a primary and secondary PGCE will impact on the teaching and learning that will take place in your sessions. This will be instigated by the tutors but should also be developed by you the students. You might like to look at some of the case studies and ideas that might have happened already and think of ways that you might develop these.
  • a research project: we are also tracking and keeping data on the use of the devices and the changing attitudes and values as well as the changing pedagogic process whilst the devices are being used. You might like to look at the ipadagogy pages to learn more about this and the models that we are using.

The Project Blog that can be accessed from this link please do read and comment, or some images from the project

Questions raised about the project (practical / technical and pedagogic) There will be some support sessions for using apps on the iPad - these will be announced. If you are interested in booking a set of devices for a project then please contact to discuss
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